Creating opportunities to strengthen the relationship we have with our clients

February 2017, by Juan Pablo de la Garza Evia, National Market Director at Prolec.

With the energy reform, the expectation of growth in our country’s electricity industry has significantly increased. For this reason, it is everyday more common to see announcements of new investments. These range from the installation of new energy generation sources to the renewal and modernization of distribution lines. The foregoing, without a doubt, represents great opportunities for those of us who work in the country’s electrical industry.

It is important to bear in mind that, to be able to capitalize on these opportunities, we must be at the forefront of our business and technological processes.

To keep our market leading positions, we must go beyond and do more than only ensure the highest reliability in our products. We must provide our clients with efficient solutions that will allow them to meet their goals at the lowest possible cost, and in a time and manner they need to optimize their value chain.

In order to achieve this, we must listen to our clients. For this reason, Prolec GE is modifying its internal structures and processes so it can provide its clients with a service that truly meets their needs. The goal is to jointly explore new ways of working and create a mutually beneficial business model.

Working closely with our clients allows us not only to suggest alternatives for products and services they might need, but also, to jointly plan on how to align our capabilities with their requirements in order to ensure the prompt supply of our products, and consequently reduce costs and waste in the value chain.

At Prolec, we value the close and open communication we have with our clients. We are committed to serving them better, and this is where we focus our efforts. We are always working on strengthening our relationship with our clients because we want to grow with them.

At Prolec, we work together to transform using comprehensive solutions that allow us to not only preserve, but expand our leadership.

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