Prolec GE: adapting to Solar Power Generation

December 2020. Prolec GE.

Solar Power Generation is now a key element that is changing market requirements.

At Prolec GE, we know it is imperative to quickly adapt to these needs, that is why, we face technological challenges with experience and innovation to continuously improve our services of generation, transmission and distribution of renewable energies and, at the same time, meet the needs of our customers.

For instance, we have increased our transformers capacity for solar energy up to 2,800 kVA for dual low voltage winding units, and up to 4,000 kVA for single low voltage winding units; the three-winding design is ready to connect to one or two inverters regardless of brand, reducing the cost of operation, initial investment, and land use.

Among the new operational features you can find a thermal core and coil design suitable for high ambient temperatures, an electrostatic screen that protects against electrical noise coming from the grid and the inverter, which helps isolate the low voltage winding from the high frequency pulses in the medium voltage system, thus protecting the solid state components of the inverters.

In addition, there are optional safety features such as external accessories that mitigate the risk of Arc Flash, as well as the optional use of vegetable oil (VG-100), a 100% biodegradable dielectric fluid developed by Prolec GE, which reduces the risk of fire with a high ignition point above > 300°C. This fluid is free of sulfur compounds and corrosive PCBs which allows the transformers to have a better performance.

At Prolec GE, we help our clients choose the right size of the transformer they need, based on the load and environmental conditions of their location, anticipating their needs through advanced technologies, and ensuring they can maximize their resources.  

Prolec GE, as a responsible company, supports the generation of clean energy, as we work together to transform our future.

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