Our Team

Together, we are a great team

We are a Xignux group company, with more than forty years of experience in the creation of comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of power generation, transmission, and distribution.

Our internationally recognized collection of transformers and our high-quality solutions, through the collaborative work of our business units and our strategic allies, reveal our sense of innovation, our social responsibility, and our leadership.

At Prolec, we are committed to working with our allies in the creation and innovation of comprehensive solutions and products that contribute to the development of a better future with energy.


We contribute to the growth and well-being of society by innovating in the transformation and supply of electrical energy.


At Prolec we want to be your most reliable and strategic ally for the creation of innovative and sustainable solutions in the delivery of electrical energy in America, generating value for our customers.

Our Values

Always follow through on your commitments.

Always tell the truth regardless of the consequences

Never hide relevant information or give out confusing data.

Never discredit or speak ill of someone in their absence.

Never take advantage of your position for personal gain or benefit.

Complete every action to the highest quality.

Always challenge the process and improve it.

Act proactively to go beyond and exceed expectations.

Think about what works first. Always be open to new ideas

Embrace your mistakes, learn, and try again.

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